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 Who are we?

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Who are we? Empty
PostSubject: Who are we?   Who are we? Icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2008 9:05 am

Ruinous is a Destruction guild based on the oceanic server Darklands. We are looking for people who want to enjoy the game in its entirety, to explore its breadth and depth. Some things to consider:

-Oceanic guild, so if you play during NZ/Aussie peak times this could be the place for you.
-No requirement to be online x amount of days per week to be a member.
-Social guild which welcomes those who wish to roleplay or just wish to be in the same guild as their mates.
-Good level of maturity affraid , we are not putting an age requirement for applications, just dont be a moron Razz
-Endgame, we will be looking at experiencing endgame content but its not the be all and end all, the journey to get their is just as important.
-Fun, we are here to enjoy the game, to meet new people and make new friends, to have loads of fun!
-No drama, everybody has opinions, if there is a disagreement, agree to disagree Very Happy

If this sounds like the place for you then please go to the Recruitment area, copy the application and fill it out. No need to register, only register if your app is accpeted.

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Who are we?
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