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 Alkarnarr Application (Approved)

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PostSubject: Alkarnarr Application (Approved)   Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:47 am

First real name: Loswaith (digital name not real, sorry, I'll explain below)

Desired forum name: Loswaith

Location(country): Australia, Melbourne

Age: 31+

Other mmo's you have played: UO, Everquest, Guild Wars, WoW, NWN persistent world (player/DM)

Do you like to stay in character and roleplay: Usually, though occasionaly I am not in the mood

What is your main character's class and name: Alkarnarr (Warrior Priest), Happy to make alts to fill gaps

We have a 5% guild tax rate for Valorous, are you ok with this? Yes (though not sure how that works)

Tell us something interesting about you that not many would know: I play Warhammer fantasy role-play and lurk a fair bit at the FFG forums. I also tend to be an explorer style player, so I will eventually make my way to almost all nooks and cranneys of the world.

Why do you want to Join Valourous;
Comming from Lustria (as mentioned on their forums) and have moved to Lucan, but havent seen any Valorous members about to get a chatting/ try grouping with.

What do you look for in a Guild: Good people to have a bit of fun with

Final comment if you have any:
On the real name thing: I dont like using my real name on the net in highly public areas, call it a quirk. I do however typically use Loswaith all over the net as a digital alias.

As to applying here, its more so people can keep an eye out for me, jump in the open parties I have going. I generaly like to group with people before joining up with a guild, that way we get to try out each other, since I when I join a guild it's for the long haul, come the good or bad. Though with more modern MMOs the incidental regular grouping with the same people doesnt happen so much. So i guess I am now testing new waters.
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PostSubject: Re: Alkarnarr Application (Approved)   Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:24 am

Hail Loswaith, I remember your name from the WHA forums. Not a problem if you dont want to use your 'real' name.

How the tax rate works: It's all done behind the scenes, we have it set at 5%, anytime you get any coin from a kill 5% of the coin gathered will go into the guild coffers. So you do not have to yourself remember to pay the tax. Keeping it low so it doesnt impact on your own income very much at all. Depending on how Valorous goes will depend on if the tax stays or not, we will know more ourselves if we need it once we get further on.

Historically we've had approx 8 - 12 of Valorous online during peak times, this will improve overtime. Some of our members have themselves marked as 'hidden' in the search options to dodge gold sellers, this may be a factor regarding finding members.

As for getting to know a guild before joining us, I dont have a problem with that. We recognise that people come and go from guilds and some guilds just dont fit some people.

We will have a decision on your app within 24hrs


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PostSubject: Re: Alkarnarr Application (Approved)   Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:54 am


Dont feel you need to rush the application through, im happy enough to wait longer.

Cool, the tax makes it easy then Razz..

Yea the gold spamers can be a pain, on a side note it is a good way to get your snobbery reputation up and the titles that go with it, (you get 'The Snob' at 5 people blocked FYI).
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PostSubject: Re: Alkarnarr Application (Approved)   Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:50 am

Thanks again for filling out the application.

Welcome to Valorous!

Please register for the website and contact us ingame for an invite.

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PostSubject: Re: Alkarnarr Application (Approved)   Thu Oct 23, 2008 6:32 am


Will try to catch someone in game ASAP.
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PostSubject: Re: Alkarnarr Application (Approved)   

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Alkarnarr Application (Approved)
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